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Clear eyelash coating sealant mascara for eyelash extension aftercare | Better retention and eyelash growth

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*Ingredient:water, alcohol,hyaluronic, acid,glycerin,methylparaben,PVP, collagen
*Volume: 10ml
*Net weight: 0.025 kg/piece
*Color: Transparentan
*Package: 1pcs per Bag

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Clear eyelash coating sealant mascara

* Extends life of eyelash extensions; they usually last 50 to 100% longer with continued & proper use
* Provides shine, appearance of thickness and lively look
* Cut down on the costly touch-up sessions; Consider it a low cost home-care kit for your lashes
* Perfect with Eyelash Lab’s Specially Formulated Mascara for Extended Lashes
* Invisible layer of sealant moisturizes otherwise dried coarse lashes and adds adhesion power

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Pink, white

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