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Disposable Silver Aluminum Foil Grafting Eyelash Glue Stickers

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*Material: Aluminum Foil
*Features: Disposable, Lash Extension Tool, Adhesive
*Diameter: 2.5cm/0.94″ (Approx.)
*Samples: Free samples available
*Net weight: 5g
*Package:1 LOT = 30*10 paper  =300 pcs stickers

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Use the stickers on your jade stone or pallet before you drop glue on it. Your glue will stay wet longer on your stone so you can use it for longer and aluminum foil creates a more secure barrier on the pallet and ensures clean waterproof and easy to use. Extend the speed of glue hardening to make grafting smoother.

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Green, Magneta, Pink, Salte Blue, Violet Red, white

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